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[audio]Anti-Fascist Archives #2 Looking Back From 1984 - Dave Emory
History of the Cold War Part II Examination of the role of SS veterans in the formation of the Green Berets; deliberate sabotaging of the de-Nazification of Germany after the war; Nazi antecedents of Interpol; role of Herbert Hoover in helping to foil de-Nazification of German industry at the end of World War II; Nazi sympathies of Whittaker Chambers (the principal accuser of Alger Hiss); Senator Joe McCarthy's persecution of American P.O.W.'s who survived a Nazi massacre at the Battle of the Bu...
Keywords: CIA; IG Farben; Iron Guard; Joseph McCarthy
Downloads: 122
[audio]McCarthy on Trumanism - InfoAge
Radio broadcast of Senator Joseph McCarthy discussing his accusations of former president Harry S Truman and his investigation of the presence of Communist spys at Camp Evans.
Keywords: Joseph McCarthy McCarthyism InfoAge Communism Camp Evans Signal Corps
Downloads: 116
[audio]For The Record #301 - Mickey Mauschwitz, the Reactionary Politics of Walt Disney - Dave Emory
FTR #301 Along with FTR-304, this program might be entitled "The Politics of Illusion." Few American cultural or artistic figures have come to be associated with wholesome, virtuous images as filmmaker and animation pioneer Walt Disney. In both cinema and television, Disney established himself as an American icon, and the merged corporation he left behind after his death is one of the giants of the media world...
Keywords: Anti-semitism; Auschwitz; Censorship; Disney; FBI; Joseph McCarthy
Downloads: 411 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[texts]Joseph McCarthy - Last American Hero! - Moses Shohet
The video is called Joseph McCarthy - Last American Hero. Senator Joseph McCarthy saved America and also the rest of world by preventing the spread of Communism. There were many communists during that time. What many people don't know is Martin Luther King Jr. was a communist. Here is the actual hidden truth about Martin Luther King Jr. Here is also the actual hidden truth about Adolf Hitler and WW2...
Keywords: Senator Joseph McCarthy McCarthyism Communism Martin Luther King Jr
Downloads: 20
[texts]McCarthy Hearing Transcripts: Executive Sessions of the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on the Investigations of the Committee on Government Operations
This is a collection of five volumes of transcripts of the Executive Sessions of Joseph R. McCarthy's U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on the Investigations of the Committee on Government Operations from 1953-54, along with an index to those transcripts.As the introduction to the documents written by Donald Ricthie notes, McCarthy held 117 executive sessions in 1953, "took testimony from 395 witnesses in executive sessions and staff interrogatories (by comparison to 214 witnesses in the public...
Keywords: Joseph McCarthy; Hearings; McCarthyism; Senate; Red Scare; Anticommunism; Communism; Cold War
Downloads: 15
[audio]For The Record #158 - The Life and Times of Senator Thomas Dodd - Dave Emory
FTR #158 In the wake of the Columbine High School massacre in Littleton, Colorado, the popular sentiment in favor of gun control was greater than ever. Generally perceived as part of the liberal political agenda, gun control actually has its roots in the depths of international fascist intrigue. This broadcast documents connections between the assassination of President Kennedy and the world of Senator Thomas Dodd (right) of Connecticut...
Keywords: Manuel Pena; WACL; ASC; CIA; Columbine; Gun Control; JFK; Joseph McCarthy; KGB; MLK; Nazi
Downloads: 43
[audio]For The Record #213 - Interview with Kevin Coogan on 'Dreamer of the Day: Francis Parker Yockey and the Post-War Fascist International' - Dave Emory
FTR #213 Beginning with review of Yockey and the post-war fascist international, the program analyzes Yockey's magnum opus Imperium. This fascist tract proposes a European pan-fascist empire as a bulwark against the former Soviet Union and the United States. (It should be noted that Yockey viewed the U.S. as the greater threat.) Yockey (in partnership with other members of the post-war fascist international) formed an early attempt at realizing Imperium: the European Liberation Front...
Keywords: Francis Parker Yockey; Gladio; Joseph McCarthy; Kevin Coogan; Nazi; New Right
Downloads: 65
[texts]FBI File on Communist Infiltration-Motion Picture Industry (COMPIC) ALL EXCERPTS - FBI
Those are all 2,008 pages of excerpts (out of a total of 13, 533) of the FBI file no. 100-HQ-138754 “Communist Infiltration-Motion Picture Industry” (COMPIC) made available through the Freedom of Information Act (26 PDF documents in total). As the title suggest, they are about the investigation of the Communist Party's infiltration of the motion picture industry from 1942 to 1958. Those 26 PDF documents are available through the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.• File no. 100-HQ-13875...
Keywords: FBI; communism; Hollywood; entertainment industry; investigation; Joseph McCarthy; Freedom of Information Act
Downloads: 2,196
[audio]Senator Joseph McCarthy radio broadcasts - InfoAge
"McCarthy on Trumanism" is a recording of a radio broadcast within which Senator Joseph McCarthy makes accusations regarding former president Harry S Truman. In this program McCarthy also discusses the suspected spies he discovered working at U.S. Army's top-secret radar research laboratories at Camp Evans, Fort Monmouth. Originally broadcast on November 24, 1953. Program running time: 29:20. (NOTE: At 13:45 into the program, McCarthy begins discussion of his investigation of Joseph Levitsky and...
Keywords: Camp Evans; Joseph McCarthy, Communism, Fort Monmouth; InfoAge; McCarthyism; Harry S Truman; Truman
Downloads: 517
[audio]Panel Borders: The danger of Romance - Alex Fitch
An episode of Panel Borders: Alex Fitch talks to Sean Michael Wilson and Ian Rakoff about romance comics.
Keywords: Panel Borders; Alex Fitch; talks; Ax; Yakuza Moon; Shoko Tendo; The Story of Lee; Manga; Sean Michael Wilson; Ian Rakoff; Jack Kirby; Joseph McCarthy; MacCarthyism; romance comics
Downloads: 491
[movies]Camel News Caravan - 28/September/1954
Another "Camel News Caravan", presented by John Cameron Swayze on Sep. 28, 1954. Topics of the day include: Polish security officer's defection, the McCarthy question, World Series warm-up session and an Old car derby.
Keywords: Classic TV; 1950's Television; NBC; News; Kinescope; Live TV; John Cameron Swayze; Rex Marshal; Camel; Jozef Swiatlo; Joseph McCarthy; Baseball; 1954
Downloads: 1,791 4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]Lecture Series #4 - Fascism, Gun Control and the Intelligence Community - Dave Emory
L-4 This lecture analyzes gun control, an issue that has helped fuel the growth of the militia movement. Generally viewed as a liberal political issue, gun control has roots firmly planted in the history and methodology of international fascism. Presenting concrete facts refuting many of the popular arguments for gun control, the discussion highlights the fact that the presence of firearms in society is not connected to the crime or homicide levels...
Keywords: Aryan Nations; ASC; CIA; Disinformation; FBI; Gun Control; Joseph McCarthy; KGB; LAPD; Patrick Edward Purdy; Sun Myung Moon; Thomas Dodd; WACL; William O. Wells
Downloads: 136 1.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Anti-Fascist Archives #14: The World Anti-Communist League, Part I - Dave Emory
AFA 14 Details of the former World Anti-Communist League (WACL) have been obscured by a name-change and the sands of time. Despite relative obscurity, the organization played a significant role in the politics of the second half of the 20th century. The first of a two-part series, this program documents the League's composition and activities, with particular emphasis on WACL elements in Asia and Europe...
Keywords: Joseph McCarthy; MacArthur; Nazi; Nazi Germany; neo-Nazi; OUN/B; Pan-Turkist Movement; Rev. Moon; Underground Reich; US-Nazi Collusion; WACL
Downloads: 142
[texts]FOIA: McCarthy, Joseph-HQ-2
Freedom of Information Act Document: FOIA: McCarthy, Joseph-HQ-2
Keywords: senator; mccarthy; stated; stevenson; bureau; attorney; fbi; letter; aad; general; senator mccarthy; attorney general; general boiling; federal bureau; edgar hoover; senator joseph; signed statement; democrat candidate; american people; joseph mccarthy
Downloads: 129
[texts]A brief look at the history of CENSORSHIP - Darrell Lee Wright
This 40 page booklet offers the reader an insight into the unethical world of censorship. From the censoring of the Holy Bible thru the Columbine tragedy and beyond, this booklet looks at what has been censored, why it was censored, and why the censorship code is too ambigeous. It also offers insight into films and other material which are considered illegal in the United States; yet, passed inspection by the United States Censorship boards...
Keywords: Censorship; PMRC; Parental Advisory; Holy Bible; William Hays; Larry Flynt; Joseph McCarthy; Communism; Elvis Presley; The National Organization for Decent Literature; The Motion Picture Association of America; The Ratings System; Richard Nixon; American's for Free Speech; Jerry Falwell; Tipper Gore; Al Gore; Frank Zappa; Dee Snider; John Denver; 2 Live Crew; Marilyn Manson; Judas Priest; Charles Keating; Kevin Smith; MPAA; Explicit Lyrics; Hustler magazine; Deep Throat; NC-17; Rated G; Rated PG; Rated R; Rated X; Jerry Springer; Maury; Jenny Jones; Faces Of Death; The Supreme Court; United States Law; Double Standards; May West; Columbine; The Grapes Of Wrath; The First Amendment; The United States Constitution; homosexuality; GOTH; Heavy Metal; Jack Valenti; The Special Committee for Un-American Activities
Downloads: 970
[texts]KLASSEN(Ben)-Creativity--The_Klassen_Letters_Vols.1_and_2_(1969-1981) - KLASSEN, Ben
Letters published 1988/1989 illustrating Klassen's views with regard to promotion of his new religion "Creativity: the Church of the Creator" of which he appointed himself Pontifex Maximus(!) NB in 2003 a decision of the Court of Appeals of the U.S. 7th Circuit held that "Church of the Creator" was then the trademarked property of a Christian entity called "Te-Ta-Ma Truth Foundation -- Family of URI" and so thenceforth was no longer to be associated with the religion founded by Klassen...
Keywords: ADL; AJC; Alfred Rosenberg; All Quiet on the Western Front; AMA; Arabs; Arthur Gobfneau; Aryan; Bible; Billy Graham; Black Panthers; blood line; B'nai B'rith; Bolshevism; British Movement; busing; camouflage; Catholic; Chabez goy; Christ; Christian Identity; Communism; Converso; CORE; Creativity: The White Man's Religion; creed; del Valle; Dark Ages; Dale Carnegie; Decimal Club; Deguello; Dignitarian Way; Dispossessed Majority; Divine Plan of the Ages; Dresden; Dufty; ecology; Elizabeth Dilling; Enoch Powell; Essene; Eustace Mullins; False Leadership; FDA; Federal Reserve; Fifty Phoney Arguments; Florida; Ford; Frank Collins; G. Edward Griffin; Gentile; Germany; Gibbon; God; Goebbels; Goldwater; Harold Wallace Rosenthal; Hebrews; Hell; Henry Kissinger; Hindus; Hitler; hoax; Holocaust; Ian Smith; Immanuel Jakobovits; in-breeding; Indo-European; interfaith; intermarriage; International Jew; IRS; Israelites; Jack Tenney; James Forrestal; JBS; Jesus; John Birch Society; John Houston Chamberlain; Joseph McCarthy
Downloads: 600
[audio]Eustace Mullins MP3 Archives (Revised Edition) - Eustace Mullins
Page Updating (Feb, 2014): This archive series is presently being updated and revised for a complete overhaul release, expected by February, 2014. The revision to this 2011 release will contain much new material of previously "lost" and unavailable radio interviews; including never-before heard audio lectures with Eustace Mullins. Recommended Link(s): Right Click (Save As) to download.
Keywords: audio; Eustace Mullins; Ezra Pound; Benjamin Freedman; Joseph McCarthy; Louis McFadden; Wright Patman; Federal Reserve; Jekyll Island; J.P. Morgan; Paul Warburg; Murder By Injection; AMA; American Medical Association; The Flexner Report; Alfred Crozier; Antony Sutton; Douglas Reed; Harry Elmer Barnes; Gustavus Myers; Revilo Oliver; Rex Lampman; Robert Mendelsohn; Usher Burdick; Larry McDonald; G. Edward Griffin; Republic Broadcasting Network; RBN; Scriptures For America; Infowars; Prison Planet; Alex Jones; Bill Still; Jack Blood; Jack McLamb; Jeff Rense; Peter Peters; Gary Allen; William Cooper; Barnes Review; American Free Press; Alger Hiss; Bernard Baruch; Woodrow Wilson; John D. Rockefeller; Rothschilds; New World Order; Roosevelt; Bilderberg Group; History; Treaty Of Versailles; Kuhn Loeb; World Wars; Zionism; Israel; 911
Downloads: 9,686 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
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